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Country Kennel is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We have eight scenic acres in northwest Guilford County. You’ll know your dog is going to camp as you make your way down our 1/4 mile driveway. Most dogs know exactly where they are when the car turns onto the gravel. The excitement begins.

Our specialty is happy dogs. Our goal is to have fun while keeping everyone safe and comfortable. Our main activities are: playing, eating and sleeping. What dog wouldn’t like that schedule? We consider the dogs our customers. We do our best to make and keep them happy. If they are happy, their parents are happy too. That makes us happy.

If your dog isn’t a player, maybe too old or has a medical condition, we provide time to sunbathe or go for a walk around the property. We tailor our services to your dog. If you have several canine members of the family, some can play, some can walk, etc. We treat each dog individually. We get to know each one on an individual basis too. We keep notes on personality traits, playground friends, food choices, medical issues, etc. If your dog is afraid of thunder, for example, we take extra care to make him comfortable during storms. (This may mean sitting with them or bringing them to an area where the storm is less of a focus.)

You are welcome to tour our facility without an appointment during our “people” hours. (These are also the drop off and pick up times listed on the contact page.) However, this is not possible during busy times like holidays and school breaks. Please call ahead if you are unsure about our calendar.