Paying attention to personal details…using the best shampoo for your pet’s coat or delicate skin…helping you select a hair cut that suits your dog’s lifestyle. This commitment and concern keeps our clients happy. Country Kennel offers specialized spa services for all shapes, sizes and breed. Whether your pet needs a bath & brush, a good pedicure,  a professional haircut,  or a variety of services, Country Kennel's grooming services are here to help! 

You can drop your pet off for a quick spa session or you can treat them to a full day at the spa while boarding. Your pet will return to you in tip top condition looking and feeling good!


Services include:

Hair clipping, hand scissoring, and shaving

Medicated and moisturizing baths with massage

Specialized coat care

Flea treatments

Nail dremels

Nail trims

Ear cleaning

Gland cleaning



Fees are based on your pet's size, coat length and temperament. Call today for a quote!

(336) 644 - 1095

Bath & Brush

Keep your pet comfortable year-round by scheduling bath appointments every week or two. A bath in oatmeal, medicated, or our mild protein-lanolin shampoo helps to keep allergens out of your dog’s coat and does not dry out the skin. It’s a thoughtful way to show your fur-babies know how much you care. 

Our bath & groom canine ‘regulars’ look beautiful and feel healthier. Most look forward to coming in for a relaxing bath massage, then receiving the final touch… a Country Kennel bandana…perhaps they know they look spiffy! 


Nail Trims

Are your furry friends in need of some tender love and care when it comes to their nails and pads? Treat your pet to professional nail trims or nail files. Country Kennel offers basic nail trims as well as more specialized nail dremels to create a smooth, filed edge. 


Professional Haircuts

Country Kennel specializes in professional haircuts.  Our professional staff specializes in hair clipping, hand scissoring, shaving, trimming, and specialized coat care!